My name is Robin, and I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur from Borås, Sweden.

Crafting things has always been a part of who I am, and my fascination with programming sparked at the age of 12. That was the year I created my first piece of software on an old desktop in our family's living room, beginning a lifelong journey of exploration and innovation in the digital realm.

Beyond the world of code, I found an enduring passion for endurance sports. The challenge and thrill of completing a Swedish Klassiker, a series of grueling endurance events, became a parallel pursuit. It taught me resilience, determination, and the joy of pushing my limits, whether through the serene waters of Vansbrosimningen or the demanding trails of Vasaloppet.

My love for programming and endurance sports often intersected. Between training sessions, I spent countless hours delving deeper into software development, eventually leading me to attend renowned conferences like FOSDEM and Gophercon. These events were not just learning experiences but also platforms for sharing ideas and connecting with like-minded enthusiasts from around the globe.

Today, my experiences have shaped me into more than just a software engineer. They've crafted me into an individual who values continuous learning, physical endurance, and the power of community. These elements are what drive me forward in my personal and professional life, inspiring me to continually explore, innovate, and connect.